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corporate culture

corporate culture

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1, enterprise vision
The leading domestic target of mechanical operation
The mission of the mechanical industry group with global competitiveness
Provide a leading, safe, efficient and convenient crane service
Developing the heavy machinery industry and developing the construction of the project economy
2. The purpose of the enterprise
Use creativity to meet the needs of the users, seek the development of the enterprise with innovation, realize the value of life with innovation, and the core values.
Safety integrity is better than life, weightier than Mount Tai, innovation world without end.
3, enterprise spirit
Houde, innovation, execution, dedication
4. Business philosophy
Honest to employees -- people-oriented
Sincere service to users
Honesty to society - responsibility
Honest to collaborators - mutual benefit and win-win
5. Management concept
Strategic management concept, strategic leader overall.
Organization management concept, organization first push efficiency.
Talent management concept, the first resource of talent.
Safety management concept, security first choose responsibility.
Service management concept, service first selected to be sincere.
Business management concept, business is first selected to concentrate.
Financial management concept, financial first standard.
Market management concept, market first grasp.
Risk management concept, risk first prevention.
6, staff common industry guidelines
A, to the enterprise
Enterprise development smoothly, make persistent efforts, peace.
When enterprises change, they understand support and cooperate actively.
When it comes to difficulties, enterprises come forward to help each other.
B, to work
It is our minimum requirement to treat work with "respect" attitude.
Working with the "professional" spirit is our standard.
It is our effort to integrate the "career" ideal into the work.
C, to customers
Customer requirements are our guide to action;
Customer desire is our direction of improvement.
Customer satisfaction is our goal;
Customer value is the base of our interest.
D, on its own: self-confidence, self discipline.
E, to colleagues: mutual respect, solidarity and cooperation.
F, to superior: Respect leadership, obey management.
G, to the lower level: care for help, effective communication.
7. Code of conduct for Managers
The ambitious, hard pioneer.
Unity and cooperation, diligence and dedication.
Strong innovation, strong industrial enterprises.
First, honest business.
8. Propaganda slogans
A, to create the dream of takeoff, to create great value.
B, safety integrity is better than life, weightier than Mount Tai, innovation world without end.
C, use the creation to meet the customer's needs, use innovation to seek the development of the enterprise, and realize the value of life by starting a business.
D, the port of the crane, the home of the user, the starting point of the takeoff, the good choice of the venture.
E, enterprises take off, culture helps to navigate.